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Why HauntPay?

Made for Haunts

Reach more haunted attraction fans, and sell more tickets & merchandise.

Made for Haunts

The ONLY ticketing and payments solution made for haunted attractions.

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Get started in 60-seconds. No contracts. Lightning fast payments.


We keep it simple so you can focus on scaring the heck out of people.

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Tickets, merchandise, AND concessions, both online and at-the-door.


No more having to juggle five different payment accounts just to get your money.

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Haunt Fans

And Send Them to YOUR Haunt

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We help your haunt reach more fans and sell more tickets.
On average, HauntPay clients over DOUBLE their annual revenue by their 3rd year with us. 

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Features you care about.

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Made for Haunts

Features Made for Haunts

Made by people who know the haunt industry specifically for professional haunters. We skip the features you don't need, and focus on the features you do, like:

  • Timed Ticketing & Repeat Timeslots
  • Variable Ticket Types
  • Bundled & Combo Tickets
  • Social Media Discounts
  • And More....

Reach More Haunt-Seekers; Sell More Tickets

HauntPay reaches over 6 MILLION haunt-seekers every year all over the country. Having your events on HauntPay means you get your haunt in front of all those people. That alone is going to help you sell more tickets this year!

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FREE 60 Second Start-Up

All you need to get started is a name and email address. From there you can start trying out HauntPay right away! And did we mention, it's ALWAYS FREE for you to use?

Get paid within 2 business days of every sale

Get your money deposited right into your bank account within 1-2 business days of every sale. That's the fastest funding in the industry.

Concierge Support to Help With Every Step

Our support team is available to help every week by chat, email, and phone. When the haunt season rolls around, we extend support hours to AFTER MIDNIGHT to make sure you can keep haunting all night long!

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Online & At-The-Door

Stop managing different systems for online and at-the-door sales. We take care of both on one easy-to-use platform.

Tickets, Merchandise, AND Concessions

Ready to ramp up the revenue? You can use HauntPay to upsell your online customers on merchandise, concessions, or whatever else you like. Then, at the event you can use our mobile app to handle all of your ticket, merchandise, and concession sales in-person.

Comprehensive Reporting on EVERYTHING

Tired of reconciling five different systems at the end of the night? With HauntPay, all of your reporting is in one place, ready to export into your favorite spreadsheet, accounting, or email marketing software.

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HauntPay Capital

Need cash for your haunt? We want to help. HauntPay Capital is a resource to put cash payments of up to $50K in the hands of haunted attractions that need it the most.

HauntPay Capital

HauntPay Capital is an up-front cash payment in exchange for trusting us with your ticketing needs for the long run. There are no credit checks and no payback. Apply for free in 10 minutes or less.

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