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7 Facebook Groups Every Haunter Needs to Join

As you start dusting off those props and getting ready for another fantastic haunt season, one thing you should be adding to your list of prep is joining haunt related Facebook groups. Facebook groups are a great way to find inspiration, troubleshoot problems, form meaningful connections with others in the industry, and more. Members vary from people just entering the industry to seasoned professionals, offering a wide range of insight that anyone can benefit from. 

To get the most out of these groups, join ones that have active participants and discuss topics relevant to your interests and don’t clog your feed with promotion posts. You should also participate and offer valuable insights yourself! If you haven’t joined a Facebook group before, take the time to read up on proper etiquette. We’ve rounded up seven groups that you can join right now and dig into before haunt season kicks off.

1. Haunter’s Toolbox – 12.9k+ members

Haunter’s Toolbox is what every haunt professional needs in their back pocket. This group shares the best resources for anyone looking to step up their game, from the latest technology to upcoming industry trends. An added bonus is that this group even has their own website which features even more video tutorials, podcast episodes, mentorship opportunities, and more. 

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2. Haunt Vendor Review – 3.2k+ members

Looking for that specific prop that will complete your haunt set-up? Need trusted opinions of others in the industry rather than random internet posters? Haunt Vendor Review is dedicated to sharing reviews of all different types of props. Each review follows the same, easy to read template so you can find the information you need quickly. Additionally, other haunters may reply in the comments with even more additional details and experiences. With a plethora of props available online, this is a great resource to narrow down the options to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

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3. Midwestern Haunters – 460+ members

If you’re looking for a smaller community more localized to where you live, look into joining Midwestern Haunters. Haunters from across the midwest come together to share details about their haunts local to the area along with other resources for haunters like podcasts and articles. Check out some of the sickest new props and what’s happening in your area. 

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4. Haunter’s Hangout – 42.4k+ members

Haunter’s Hangout welcomes all interested in the haunt industry, from owners to scare actors and other types of enthusiasts. This group is an open discussion forum that includes a variety of topics, everything from talking trade shows to sharing funny or embarrassing stories at your own haunt. People range in all different types of experience, making it a place for anyone who wants to learn more about the inner workings of the haunt industry. 

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5. PRO Haunter’s Hangout – 1.4k+ members

If you’re looking to go to the next level, PRO Haunter’s Hangout is an extension of Haunter’s Hangout that is exclusive to haunt owners, operators, builders, scenics, techs, and vendors. This is a place to showcase your creativity and knowledge, as well as discuss any challenges facing the industry. Members are encouraged to share all of the tips they’ve learned to scare the socks off of guests.

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6. Escape Room Enthusiasts – 30.8k+ members

Escape room groups, even if you don’t have one at your own haunt, can be used as your own secret weapon to learn about new and clever ideas for your haunt. Learn about new ways you can use technology, ideas for themes, props, and so on. For example, escape room owners are masters at concealing clues or make a hidden key to trigger something to open. Haunts can take those same lessons and ideas to incorporate them into their own haunt. Wouldn’t it be cool if your haunt had a hidden door that you learned about at an escape room? Check out Escape Room Enthusiasts to dig into more tips and tricks. 

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7. Escape Room Start Ups and Owners – 10k+ members

For those who have their own escape room or are looking to launch one, Escape Room Start Ups and Owners provides mentorship to help you grow or break into the ever-changing industry. Similar to what was discussed above, this group also offers tips for escape rooms but has more of a focus on building up a community of successful room owners. Find information on how much you should charge for entry to your escape room, inspiration for different room concepts, and to market your escape room, and more.

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And there are more! We’ve just scratched the surface of Facebook groups made for professional haunters. Stay tuned for Part 2 where we’ll discuss more haunt industry Facebook groups you need to know about.