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Unleashing the Senses: Sensory Marketing for Haunted Attractions

What happens when you watch a gripping horror movie trailer? Sure, you might dissect the plot, critique the acting, or chuckle at the clichés, but sometimes, you find yourself captivated. Those are the times you’re not just watching; you’re being transported. You can practically smell the smoke as the house burns down, and you can feel the rusty blade as it slices through the skin. It’s an immersive experience that sends your senses into overdrive.

But is it just the storytelling that’s so engaging? Partly, yes, but it’s more than that. Your senses are key players. Research would suggest that our “bodily sensations help determine decisions we make.” When a Nestle Tollhouse cookie commercial airs, and the aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies practically wafts through the screen, you find your keys in hand before the ad’s even over. Why? Because your senses aren’t just along for the ride; they’re influencing your choices.

Now, what if we told you that you can create this same kind of sensory captivation for your haunted attraction? It’s not just a marketing campaign; it’s a sensational journey designed to engage your audience. In this guide, we’re diving into the strategy of sensory marketing for haunts and how you can use it to lure guests to your creaky door.

What Is Sensory Marketing?

So what is sensory marketing, really? Sensory marketing is the art of engaging guest’s senses to create a deeper connection between your haunt and your audience. By tapping into multiple senses, you can appeal to a wider audience and really draw them in. There are tons of haunted attractions out there, show your audience why yours is the scariest, most thrilling one.

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How Does That Apply to Haunts?

When it comes to attracting thrill-seekers to your haunt, sensory marketing isn’t just about what happens inside your attraction; it starts right from the moment you begin your marketing and advertising campaigns

Here’s how you can employ sensory marketing for haunts to entice guests to brave your terrifying attraction:


Your marketing materials should provide a sneak peek into the experience you’re offering. Use visuals that mirror the eerie ambiance they’ll encounter. Whether it’s dark and moody lighting, chilling set designs, or ominous costumes and makeup, make sure your promotional materials convey the feeling of stepping into a horror experience.


Incorporate soundscapes that trigger goosebumps. In your promotional videos or teaser clips, use sound effects like creaking doors, whispering ghosts, or heart-pounding music. These auditory elements can create an immersive atmosphere and make guests feel like active participants in the narrative. It’s a call to adventure inviting them to brave your haunted attraction and sets the stage for the scares they will face when they get there.

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While you can’t send smells through the screen, you can certainly describe the unsettling odors that guests might encounter. Mention the smell of decay, mustiness, or other ominous scents in your marketing copy. Let potential guests imagine the sensory assault they’ll experience (without overdoing it of course; the goal is to draw them in, not gross them out.)


You can’t create physical tactile elements digitally, but you can craft interactive online experiences that engage the sense of touch. For example, on your website, consider incorporating a responsive element that guests can virtually “touch” or interact with using their mouse. Maybe hovering over a skeleton makes it move, or clicking a particular button triggers a cloud of bats to fly across the screen. Ultimately, the goal is to create interactive digital effects that respond to their “touch.”

Immersive Storytelling:

Craft your marketing materials with storytelling in mind. Develop a storyline that emotionally engages your audience. Use suspenseful language and vivid descriptions that make potential guests feel like they’re already part of the frightening narrative.

A Full Sensory Fright

The allure of sensory marketing is your secret weapon to not only draw in new guests but also keep them returning for more. It’s not just about promoting your haunt; it’s about creating an unforgettable journey that captures the hearts, minds, and fears of your audience. By engaging all the senses, you’ll craft immersive and emotionally charged experiences that linger long after the screams have subsided. So, don’t shy away from the power of sensory marketing for your haunt: embrace it.

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