Woman covered in fake blood and bruises.

Top 9 Biggest Haunter Pet Peeves

Behind all of the cobwebs, fog, and lurking ghouls, there are devoted haunted attraction owners like you who put in the hard work to bring together an incredible experience to pull the best screams out of guests. Haunt owners have seen it all, and with that comes a few things that absolutely get under our skin. We wanted to know the biggest gripes real haunters experience in their everyday lives, so we asked them! We posted the question in some of the largest Facebook groups for haunters. Here’s what they said their nine biggest pet peeves are. 

1. Mis-Matched Costumes

One way to really ruin the immersion in a haunted attraction is by seeing characters dressed in mis-matched costumes. Imagine this: a tall, shadowy figure lurking in the corner, dressed in a long, silky black cloak with sleeves that drag ominously to the floor – undoubtedly terrifying! That is, until your eyes catch a glimpse of bright white sneakers peeking out from underneath. Who knew ghosts needed shoes, right? The ultimate goal of a haunted attraction is to transport guests into the deepest realms of horror and fantasy, but there’s nothing that drags us back to reality faster than costume inconsistencies.

Thanks to the Scare Factor Podcast for sharing this pet peeve!

2. Relying on Blood as a Catch-All

While fake blood undoubtedly adds a gruesome touch to the immersive aspect of a haunt, some owners tend to go completely overboard, turning what could be a memorable attraction into a forgettable gore fest. It’s even worse when the application of fake blood doesn’t make any sense, like a butcher whose apron is covered in blood, but their hands and arms are clean. It sounds impossible, but sometimes less can be more! A well-placed splatter here, or a large smear there, can be much more convincing instead of drowning scare actors or scenes in a sea of fake blood. 

Thanks to the Scare Factor Podcast for sharing this pet peeve!

Three zombies hunched over looking down at the camera.

3. The Unsupervised Little Gremlins

In the haunt industry, there’s a room for all sorts of creative minds to bring different types of experiences to life. But while some haunts are tailored to be family-friendly, others are not. Parents who let their children run wild through an attraction like a playground, all while they put their sticky fingers on everything in sight, have earned their spot in this list of biggest pet peeves. We appreciate the enthusiasm of getting them started young, but scare actors don’t sign up for an extra shift as a babysitter!

Thanks to Michael Harness for sharing this pet peeve!

4. The Grim Reaper Sprinters

Some guests sprint through the attraction like the Grim Reaper himself is chasing behind them. Now what’s the rush all about? It’s understandable that fear can trigger the fight-or-flight response, but rushing through the haunt totally robs any guest of the full, bone-chilling experience of going to a haunt. Not only that, but it’s also a giant safety hazard to themselves and others who are trying to enjoy the experience.

Thanks to Damon Carson for sharing this pet peeve!

Three zombie figures walking towards the camera.

5. The Eager Photo-Takers

Don’t get us wrong– guests who admire the painstaking dedication that goes into building the perfect haunt scene and want to snap a quick photo are always appreciated. But then there’s the one guest who walks slower than a zombie with their phone glued to their hand, unknowingly slowing down the rest of the line. When guests linger a bit too long to capture everything on camera, the carefully crafted moments of suspense can lose their edge, affecting the experience for everyone else in line.

Thanks to Bonnie Bazarski for sharing this pet peeve!

6. The “Know-It-All” Visitors

You spend weeks perfecting the haunt set-up that looks like it came straight out of your nightmares, complete with fog-filled hallways and perfectly placed-props. But along comes a guest who thinks they know all your secrets. “Oh, I see the wires there! That’s how it moves, right?” they say, like they’ve cracked some kind of cryptic code. Yeah, obviously we don’t have real ghosts here. And yes, that giant werewolf is bolted to the floor. But why ruin the fun for everyone? 

Thanks to Dave Gentry for sharing this pet peeve!

Exterior of a haunted house with some warm lighting illumination.

7. The Prop Breakers

Building props that leave guests with their hair standing on its end is an art form, and you pour your blood, sweat, and tears into it. But there’s always that one guest who can’t resist the urge to test the strength of your props. Or, the guest who feels that jump scare a little too hard and ends up accidentally smashing everything in sight. Listen: this place isn’t a rage room; it’s a haunted attraction!

Thanks to Roxanne Markosk for sharing this pet peeve!

8. The Unshakeable Phone Flashlights

Picture this nightmare: your haunted attraction is perfectly set in eerie darkness so actors can catch guests off guard at the perfect moment. But no matter how many signs you hang up that repeat the words “Please, no flashlights” in bold letters, there’s always someone who thinks they’re special and can navigate the haunt better with their phone that’s blazing brighter than the sun! Try being a little bit more brave next time!

Thanks to Grayson Norville for sharing this pet peeve!

Ghostly woman figure standing on the stairs in darkness.

9. The One Who Gets Too Handsy

Finally: the most dreaded evil of them all. There’s always a guest that throws their fists up and threatens to put their hands on the scare actors who are simply doing their job. Didn’t you learn in elementary school to keep your hands to yourself? Scare actors are skilled professionals who thrive on scaring the socks off of guests, but they also deserve respect and safety during their performances. Being scared by an actor jumping out as you enter a room or a prop suddenly moving out from the shadows is all part of the thrill. 

Thanks to Mike James for sharing this pet peeve!

Don’t Be a Pest

Running a haunted attraction is no easy feat, and haunt owners encounter their fair share of pet peeves along the way. Even though we have to deal with these small annoyances from time to time, they pale in comparison to the sinister joy that haunting brings to our lives. Don’t let your online ticketing become a pet peeve. Schedule a virtual demo with HauntPay to see just how scary simple it is to set up in 60 seconds.

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