New Feature: Track Sales with Referral Codes

If you rely on a lot of third parties to generate web-traffic to online pre-sales for your event, then you’ll find this one extremely handy. We’ve put together the absolute simplest referral reporting system imaginable. Want to give it a try? Just follow these 3 basic steps:

STEP 1) Put ?referral=CODE at the end of your event URL, where “CODE” is your desired referral code (up to 16 characters). That’s your secret referral link.

STEP 2) Send your referral link to your referral partners.

STEP 3) Check your transaction reports: you’ll see a code under the “Referral Code” heading, and can even filter by a certain referral code to get sales totals! Pretty cool, eh?

And if step 1 was too confusing, just use the handy dandy referral code generator below!

Referral Code Generator

First, paste your event page URL here:

Now, pick a referral code (up to 16 characters):

Here’s Your Referral Link (share this):