New Features for the 2015 Haunt Season

Venue Options

  • Employees: You can now set up employee accounts with varying levels of permissions to work your events. Want to allow ticket takers and cashiers to redeem and sell tickets without granting them access to event settings or reports? How about having someone work on your event creation, but not be able to
    • 4 Levels of Mobile App Access
      1. None – Has no access to your events on the Passage Manager app
      2. Scan – Can redeem tickets at events
      3. Scan/Return – Can redeem and unredeem tickets at events
      4. Scan/Return/Sell – Can redeem and unredeem tickets, and also sell tickets in-person at events
    • 4 Levels of Web Admin Access
      1. None – Has no access to your event settings or reports on the HauntPay website
      2. Event Creator – Can create new events and edit existing event details for your venue
      3. Reporting – Can access all reporting information for events held at your venue
      4. Both – Can access reports, create new events, and edit existing events

Event Options

  • Comp Tickets: Assign and email free tickets to special guests from within your admin section. This option is found in the options under the event name.
  • Ticket Report Frequency: Set up daily, weekly, or monthly email reports of your ticket sales. Also, you can add additional emails to receive these reports. (And, of course, your online reporting is always there for you, now featuring more comprehensive filtering options.)
  • On Sale Dates by Timeslot: To give you better control over when customers can purchase specific tickets, every individual time slot for your event can now have its own unique period for ticket sales. You’ll find this option labeled “Ticket Sale Dates” with drop downs for Start Date, Start Time, End Date, and End Time. If you don’t want to use control start or end times for ticket sales, just leave these fields blank; ticket sales will automatically end with the end of your event.
  • Archive: You can now archive (hide) your past events or time slots. The activity on these still shows up in your reporting, but they will be hidden on other sections of the site and the app to let you control just how much you see.

Ticket Options

  • Display Tickets Remaining: Prompt your customers to buy immediately when they see “Only # tickets remaining” on your event page. You can turn on this feature individually by ticket type or time slot. 
  • Custom Field Question: If you need to collect a bit of info from customers, then you can use this to get it from them; it will display when customers are adding tickets to cart. (“How did you hear about us?” / “Is this your first time?” / “Where are you coming from?” / etc.). Customers’ answers will display on the Guest List, link for each event found below its name on your events admin section.

Look and Feel

  • Banner Image: Great way to visibly promote a special deal, new attraction, etc. Displays at the top of your event page, above the title. The optimal width is 750 pixels.
  • Social Share Buttons: Want to control how your event is shared? Choose whether or not to allow customers to share your event while on its page. Just check the button to turn these social share buttons on; uncheck it to turn them off.
  • Improved Checkout Process: New format offers better visibility of product upsells after selecting tickets, as well as the ability for customers to purchase tickets to multiple events at your venue.

On the App / In-Person Sales

  • Single Scan Mode: Selecting this option will change the scanning mode on your app from the “flip screen” ability to redeem all admissions on a ticket at once, to simply scanning the QR code once for every admission on the ticket.
  • On-Site Ticket Printing: The Passage Manager app now integrates with souvenir quality ticket printers from Boca Systems, giving you the option to offer your guests who purchase on-site something to take home and show off to friends. Custom design tickets for your event in advance. Then print customers tickets right on-site when they’re purchased on the Passage Manager app.

Issue Customer Refunds from Your Transaction Details

  • Event administrators can now issue refunds to customers from within your HauntPay account dashboard. Refunds can be handled within your transaction reporting. Look up the customer’s transaction, and click on its orange ID number to view the transaction details. There’s a big “Refund Transaction” link in there that will immediately process the full refund. Read more about issuing refunds here.