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America’s Dark Side: 7 Most Haunted Cities

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

The Hauntings: Built in the late 1700’s, St. Louis Cemetary No. 1 is the oldest standing cemetery in New Orleans. It is also the burial site of the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, Marie Laveau. Visitors claim to have seen the ghost of the Voodoo Queen herself inside the cemetery walking around tombs in her trademark turban, while whispering a Santeria Voodoo curse. If you visit her grave, you’ll notice that people still leave offerings, candles, flowers, Voodoo dolls, all in the hopes that Laveau will bestow her supernatural blessings upon them. When people make a wish at her tomb, they return if their wish comes true and leave three X marks as a sign of their gratitude. Find more legends of Voodoo and mysterious happenings around the New Orleans area here.

2. Baltimore, Maryland

The Hauntings: Most know Fort McHenry as the site of one of the most deciding battles in American history. What many don’t know, however, is that it is the site of many strange, and creepy events. Fort security guards have reported seeing soldiers in uniform walking around the Fort with weapons in hand. Strange noises are heard from the dungeon areas where prisoners were held. And despite the fact that Fort McHenry is now a National Park, many visitors report a feeling of being watched. Check out this list of haunted hot spots to explore more of Baltimore’s blood curdling past.

3. Chicago, Illinois

The Hauntings: The Congress Plaza Hotel is one of the many hotspots of strange happenings in The Loop of Chicago. Security guards have heard organ music and the sound of skate wheels sliding across the floor in the Florentine Room, a former roller skating rink, after the guests have gone to bed. Wedding attendees have gone missing from photographs taken around the grand piano in the Gold Room, and a one-legged man has been seen in the south tower. In the north tower, moans have been heard coming from the elevator on the fifth floor. Finally, the twelfth floor is believed to be home to a room so frightening that its door has been permanently sealed and hidden behind wallpaper. Learn more about Chicago’s haunted history here.

4. San Francisco, California

The Hauntings: Of all the spooky stories surrounding the SF area, one my favorites is that of the Golden Gate Park police officer. This ghost roams the park, pulling people over and giving out speeding tickets. However, when civilians go to file the ticket through the court, they find out that the officer listed does not exist and has been dead for many years. So, if you travel to the park and a cop is trailing you, you must go outside the park first before you pull over. Once you do, the ghost cop will disappear. If the cop doesn’t disappear, you might just be speeding and deserve a ticket! More stories about the haunted happening of San Francisco, can be found in this slideshow.

5. Savannah, Georgia

The Hauntings: Home of the original Cotton Exchange, Factor’s Walk was once a bustling center of commerce for Savannah’s cotton industry. Many who visit the eerie space have seen the shadows of slaves that were brought into the city by boat and others have heard tormented moans coming from the tunnels, secret passageways, and catacombs that still exist. Still others say that they felt as if someone with cold hands was touching them. Find more spine-tingling spots in Savannah here.

6. Athens, Ohio

The Hauntings: The Ridges, formerly known as the Athens Lunatic Asylum, opened in 1874 and specialized in the treatment of the mentally and criminally insane. This overcrowded institution treated patients using harsh methods such as electroshock therapy, ice water baths, and lobotomies. On December 1, 1978, a female patient named Margaret Schilling disappeared while playing hide and seek with the nurses. When her body was found in January of 1979, doctors declared her official cause of death being heart failure. Although the cause of death is not so dramatic, the imprints of her clothes and hair left on the floor are a different story. The stain can still be seen, and reappears even after being cleaned up. Treat yourself to more terrifying tales of Athens here.

7. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The Hauntings: Home to one of the bloodiest battles in the Civil War, Gettysburg is the home of many ghost-filled sites. A few of the spookiest spots include the Jennie Wade House, Children’s Orphanage, and Hunterstown Battlefield. Jennie Wade House is the site of the only civilian casualty during the Battle of Gettysburg. Wade was struck by a Confederate sniper’s musket ball that smashed through the door of her house, killing her instantly. The orphanage began in the 1860s, but was shut down more than 20 years later after it was discovered that the owner was keeping the orphans chained to walls in the cellar. Hunterstown Battlefield is rumored by Civil War re-enactors to be the scene of many unexplained and strange events. You can find more scary sites in this article: Top 10 Ghost- Heavy Spots In Gettysburg.

There are loads of haunted cities throughout America. If we didn’t include your favorite haunted hot spot, leave comment sharing your frightful location below!