Improvements to Bundled Tickets (Plus Merch!)

Our developers have been working overtime getting ready for Haunt Season this year. We are constantly building new features that make it as easy as possible for you to manage your payments and attendance.

We’re excited to debut some new upgrades to our ticket bundles that make it easy for your guests to customize their visit to your haunt and help you secure more revenue. These upgrades are live and available now on your HauntPay dashboard. Here’s how they work.

Customer Choice Bundles

These flex bundles give you and your guests the ultimate flexibility in designing the perfect haunt experience.

Let’s say you own a haunt with four different attractions or experiences that require separate admission. You can now build a flex bundle that gives guests the option to choose admission to, let’s say, any three of those experiences for one bundled price.


You decide:

  • How many items customers can select. Make it two, three, five, ten – whatever you want!
  • How many of each ticket type can be included in the bundle. Maybe someone wants to do zombie paintball twice, but skip the corn maze. You get to decide whether your bundle allows for that choice or not.

You can create bundles that including parking passes, VIP or front-of-the-line access, monster photos, or just about anything else your haunt could offer.

After creating a bundle you can set custom event times for each selected ticket types. If you do not select event times all valid event times will be used.

Your guests decide:

  • Which attractions, games, or entertainment they want to experience.
  • Which day/time they want to attend (if you have separate date or timeslots specified on your tickets).
  • How many bundles they want to purchase.

When your guests arrive at your haunt, their tickets will scan only for the experiences they’ve purchased in their bundle. Just like our regular tickets. If someone purchases multiple bundles for their group, all the info will still be stored on one trackable barcode on their printed or mobile ticket.

Combine Merchandise and Tickets

You can also create bundles that include options for both tickets and merchandise.

Maybe you want to offer guests the option to purchase admission plus a T-shirt or a hoodie in advance. Or maybe your group bundles come with a free poster included. It’s easier than ever to combine those items on your HauntPay events.


You can make your merch + ticket packages into a Customer Choice bundle with one click. Or not. It’s up to you!

Have you used ticket bundles at your haunt? How do they work for you? Tell us about it in the comments!

Got questions about ticket bundles or need help setting them up? Give us a call at 877.339.FEAR or chat with our team via email at support@hauntpay.com.