Reach 200,000+ Haunted House Fans With The Weekly Pass

Haunt Season is upon us, and we want to help you have your most successful scare-year ever.

For the past five years, our team at Passage has been passionate about building HauntPay into the best ticketing and payments engine for haunted attractions, offering scary simple solutions for haunt owners and making it easy as possible for fans to discover and buy tickets for haunted attractions and events they love.

Two of the biggest challenges we hear from haunts over and over again are:

  • How do I find new customers? and
  • How can I get more people through the door on slow nights?

“Why is our place always dead on Thursdays?”

The solution:

We’re launching The Weekly Pass: a curated, once-a-week playbook delivered directly to the inboxes of hundreds of thousands of active Passage users. The Weekly Pass includes giveaways and prizes that make fans want to open it every week.

How does that help you?

1. Reach more fans. TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND more, to be specific.


You have a great product, and we want to help more haunt fans find you. Get in front of hundreds of thousands of fans who have a track record of purchasing tickets to events and attractions like yours. It’s as simple as that.

2. Fill your slow times with demand-based deals. We know Friday and Saturday nights are your bread and butter, and most guests probably arrive sometime between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. Everyone has slow nights or off-times, but during Haunt Season you need to maximize every second because it’s gone in a flash.

What do hotels do when they have empty rooms? They offer deals or upgrades that help fill up vacancies! The Weekly Pass allows you to take advantage of this same model by promoting  deals that incentivise guests to visit during slow times of the day or on slow nights of the week. That helps you manage staffing needs and bring in consistent revenue so that you can maximize your entire haunt season. Don’t let your haunt go empty.

What’s in The Weekly Pass?


1. Giveaways

Every time a fan opens The Weekly Pass, they’re entered to win free tickets or other prizes which are announced in the following week’s email.

2. Promotions

Each episode of The Weekly Pass includes a curated selection of promotions, deals and special offers of our favorite events and attractions across the country.

3. Bingeable Content

The Weekly Pass always includes new, stories or links that entertain and delight our subscribers.

How can you get involved?

1. Sign up to send your promotions directly to 200,000 haunted house fans and posted to social media. We only allow a limited number of paid submissions every week to keep the content fresh and relevant to our subscribers. We hate spam as much as you do.

Your promotion can include a special offer, like discounted Thursday night tickets for example, or just an ad for your haunted attraction. It’s all up to you!

2. You can also submit free promotions for the content lottery. As space allows, we’ll include up to two free submissions in The Weekly Pass each week. There’s no guarantee your free promos will be included.

Lock in your price forever

You can submit a one-time promotion to The Weekly Pass and reach 200,000 fans for $100, or select multiple weeks and engage them over and over again throughout the month. Our monthly plan allows you to include one promotion every month, and your price is locked in forever. As our email list grows so will the cost of new promotions, but your price will stay the same as long as you are a subscriber.

To submit your promotions for The Weekly Pass and reach 200,000+ haunted house fans, CLICK HERE.