How to sell tickets to non-haunted events on hauntpay

How To Host Non-Haunted Events On HauntPay

Warning: this post contains NO zombies, monsters, or scary stuff. 

One question we’ve been hearing a lot from haunted attraction owners who use HauntPay is: can I sell tickets to non-haunted events on your platform?

We get it: Haunt Season lasts only a few weeks, and a lot of haunters make use of their venues the rest of the year to host summer festivals, Christmas light shows, escape rooms, fall orchards, family farm days, and other types of events where you might not lot of spooky-scary images plastered all over your ticketing page. 

If you’ve been looking for a way to get rid of the hair-raising graphics while keeping the features you love with HauntPay, allow us to introduce you to our sister platform: Passage

Passage was built by the same folks who created HauntPay. In fact, they’re the same platform on the back end. Passage is an exact clone of HauntPay with one exception: no zombies, no demons, no monsters. It’s family-friendly and designed with professional event producers in mind. 

Still not sure if Passage is right for your non-haunted events? Keep reading for some FAQs we get from haunters about their non-haunted ticketing. 

does passage have the same features as hauntpay?

Does Passage have the same features as HauntPay?

Yes, both platforms have all the same features, including popular ones like timed ticketing, virtual queues, and repeating time slots. 

Passage, like HauntPay, gives you the power to customize your ticketing to meet your event’s unique needs. We make it simple to manage your online and in-person ticket sales, merchandise, and concessions all on one platform. You’ll still have access to our amazing support team: the same folks you rely on with HauntPay.

Do I have to create a separate account?

Nope. Your login will work on both and In fact, you can view both your HauntPay event and Passage events on one admin dashboard, regardless of which platform you’ve logged into. 

what about price?

What about price? 

Passage works the same way as HauntPay: we only make money when you do. It’s completely free for you, the event owner, to use. All fees can be passed onto the ticket purchaser and there are no setup fees or monthly charges. The fees on Passage are the same as HauntPay; you can learn more about our pricing here. 

Can I post my events in both places?

Yes, absolutely! If you want your Passage events to also appear on HauntPay, you can do that during your event setup. Click the “Special Categories” field under “Event Details” then select Haunted Attraction. That will give you some extra exposure and hopefully help you sell more tickets. 

Can I post my events on both HauntPay and Pasage?

Did Passage buy HauntPay?

HauntPay was born back in 2013 because we realized that the traditional big box ticketing providers didn’t meet the needs of haunted attractions (our Head Haunter, Alex Linebrink is a lifelong haunt enthusiast and former home haunter). We designed HauntPay with professional haunters in mind and created a platform with no contracts, 

As we grew, we started hearing from more and more non-haunted events that they, too, needed a better way to sell ticketing so we decided to create Passage. Working with some non-haunted events helped us expand our feature set and we found that haunters liked the new features, too (like repeating time slots, for example). We’re still the same company, headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, and led by the same team we started with. 

how do I create an event on Passage?

How do I create an event on Passage?

We’re so glad you asked! There are two ways to get started:

  1. Using your HauntPay username and password, login to and set up your event just like you would on HauntPay. 
  2. Schedule an onboarding session with our support team, and we’ll help set everything up for you. 

Whether you’re operating a haunted attraction or producing zombie-free events the rest of the year, we’ll help make the ticketing process simple so you can focus on your event. Ready to create your first event with Passage? Schedule an onboarding call and we’ll help you get everything set up.