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Gen Z: How to Attract the Next Generation to Your Haunt

An obsession with internet culture, green tea matchas, and an obscure sense of humor may just be a few of the things that come to mind when you think of Gen Z, but what about increasing purchasing power? As Gen Z continues to grow older, we’re making our buying presence and overall influence known. This generation is quickly changing the game when it comes to buying tickets, so it’s crucial that haunt owners keep up. How can you market your haunt and sell tickets in a way that’s meaningful to Gen Z? Let’s look at some strategies to keep us engaged and create lasting relationships.

Digital-first Approach is the Way to Go

It’s no secret that Gen Z are extremely tech-savvy (after all, we were the very first digital natives!), so it comes as no surprise that using the internet is the way to get plugged in with this group. However, it must be done so strategically to actually be effective. 

Getting the word out there about your haunt online is the first step. Gen Z uses social media not only as a tool to connect with family and friends, but also to discover new fun and exciting things to do in our area. Take note of what platforms are performing well and use that to your advantage rather than sticking with platforms that are familiar but now feel a little outdated. TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat are the big names with this group while Facebook is falling to the side. Create content that comes off as being authentic, is easily digestible, and accessible to really capture our attention. Recruit the help of a social media influencer to help kickstart your process. All of this can seem like a big ask, but we’ve got you covered! If you’re just starting out on social media, we have a whole guide designed specifically for haunt owners to help you out.

Don’t disconnect after your promotion is over– there are still plenty of opportunities to also integrate digital tools throughout your haunt to keep audiences engaged. Keep the conversation going through creating a memorable hashtag for your haunt so guests can keep track of each other’s posts. If you haven’t already considered adding a hybrid element to your haunt or trying completely virtual, you’re missing out on a major opportunity. Since this generation is already accustomed to the digital sphere, we are more receptive to attending online events. Schedule a demo with our team to learn about how to make this a reality for your haunt.

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Do Good to Truly Be Good

Compared to those who came before us, Gen Z has a very different perspective that affects who we buy tickets from. One trait that has contributed to this is our tremendous social awareness. Gen Z believes in being unapologetically outspoken on social issues, supporting charitable causes, and going green. With a big emphasis on shared values, we also want to know that the people, brands, and the haunts we support also do the same. Find ways to demonstrate that your haunt is doing good for the world and is a place where everyone is welcomed. Here are some ideas to start:

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Make It Shareable

Nobody hates missing out on a good time more than Gen Z. The shareability of your haunt is an essential piece that can either attract this generation or make us pull away. Part of the fun for Gen Z is being able to share photos and videos afterwards with their social network.

When designing your haunt and its decor with Gen Z in mind, think about what elements would stand out on a social media feed and how you can improve the chances of attendees wanting to capture moments throughout your event. Not only does this add stimulation to attendees’ experiences, it also serves as authentic marketing for you. Be cautious of making it look too plastic or perfect looking, though, as this could actually have the opposite effect. Something too stiff might take away from the authenticity and drive them away

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Putting It All Together

With our keen sense of open mindedness and enthusiasm for social media, Gen Z represents one of the most exciting up-and-coming demographics for haunt owners to target. Aim to create experiences that stand out and connections that will last a lifetime. When it comes to planning the ticketing for your haunt, HauntPay is here to help. Schedule a demo with our team to see just how easy it is to set up in-person and online ticket sales.