How to Scan Tickets at your Haunt Using HauntPay

HauntPay is the best way to manage ticketing and payments for your haunt online and in person.

Whether a guest has purchased their ticket online or at your box office, you’ll probably want to check them in when they arrive and confirm that their ticket is valid. We try to make that process scary simple, too.

Whether you’ve just joined HauntPay and want to get started selling tickets to your haunt, or you’re a seasoned pro, this crash course guide will answer all of your questions about scanning guest tickets and help you get the most out of our mobile app.

Downloading the App

This first thing might surprise you: HauntPay’s mobile app is actually called the Passage Manager app in the Apple App Store and on Google Play (for Android).

You’re probably thinking ‘wait, what’s Passage and when did I get onto the wrong blog?’ Don’t worry, the monsters and ghouls haven’t gone anywhere. Passage is a family-friendly clone of HauntPay, built by the same team that first built HauntPay, just without the zombies, blood, and demons. Rather than creating two separate apps, we use one simple solution for both haunted and non-haunted events on the back end.

We’ll refer to the app by its official name, Passage Manager app, from here on out. But your HauntPay login will still work here, and you’ll still set up and manage any changes to your event by logging into your dashboard on HauntPay.

You can even add free employee accounts so your staff can scan and manage tickets without sharing passwords.

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The Basics

What Can I Do With the App?

The Passage Manager app is your all-in-one go to for sales and guest check-in. One you’ve set up your haunt’s ticketing in the HauntPay admin dashboard, you can manage sales and tickets from any device through the app. It’s a huge time saver and allows you to be truly mobile.

How Do I Scan Tickets at the Door?

The Passage Manager app is available on multiple devices so you have the ability to scan your guests’ tickets on your (or your staff’s) phone or tablet. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you and your staff to scan tickets efficiently. All you need is the QR code ticket they were sent or you can look up their tickets by their last name.

Don’t worry, it’s a scary simple process. Here’s a step-by-step YouTube tutorial you can watch on how to scan tickets on your device:

How Do I Add Employees to the Venue?

As a haunt owner, you might have a team of folks who help you run the ticket booth or scanning guests into your attractions. But you also might not want a front-line volunteer or seasonal worker who just graduated from high school to have access to all of your business financials.

Don’t share your login with everyone on your team! HauntPay makes it simple for you to add separate employee logins to your account so that they can each have access that is appropriate for their individual role.

There are no limits on the number of accounts you can have. When we’re talking about scanning tickets specifically, you can customize employee access based on the following criteria:

  1. Scan: Employee may scan tickets into the event to redeem, but may NOT unredeem a customer’s tickets or sell tickets in-person. This setting works well for team members working the front gate or entrance to your haunt.
  2. Scan/Return: Employee may scan tickets in or out of the event to redeem or unredeem, but may NOT sell tickets in-person. This setting is perfect for managers or more advanced team members.
  3. Scan/Return/Sell: Employee may scan tickets in or out of the event to redeem or unredeem, as well as sell tickets at your event in-person. This setting is ideal for your box office or ticket booth team.

Ready to set up employee access? Here’s a simple document to help with that.

Employees will need to set up their own login once you’ve granted them access (they will receive an email notification).

App Features

We pride ourselves on creating an all-in-one platform so that, unlike the devilish clowns at your haunted attraction, you don’t have to worry about juggling too many things. In an effort to achieve this, we added features to the platform itself as well as the Passage Manager app that allow you to sell merchandise, tickets bundles, and concessions all within one app. 

Selling Merchandise and Concessions

Our app fully supports sales of any item, especially merchandise and concessions. You’ll simply be able to add a “Product” the same way you would an “Event” on your admin dashboard, with the only difference being that products don’t support certain time periods. In fact, you can even bundle these “Product” items together with tickets for special discounts. Learn more here.

Bundle Sales

Bundles allow you to sell a group of tickets and products together for a single price. Bundle sales have plenty of use cases and make it a lot easier for your customers to get everything they want all at once.

This can be useful for handling situations such as the following:

  • Multiple attractions at your location
  • Combo passes for multiple dates that will be attended separately
  • A “ticket and T-shirt” package deal, or other combinations of tickets plus merchandise
  • Customer choice bundles, such as flex passes. Go here for more info on customer choice bundles.  

You can easily create bundles within the HauntPay admin area and they will show up on your app when checking guests in or selling in-person tickets. Follow this guide for more details on bundles.

POS Compatibility

The Passage Manager app allows your device to act as a mobile Point of Sale (POS) system. There’s no need to set up a separate POS or create your own merchant account. Just charge your card reader, connect it with the device you’re using to sell tickets, and make sure you’re logged into your account on the app. You’re good to go! 

HauntPay also integrates with Square hardware, if you prefer to use that. Check out this guide to activating Square for your in-person payments.

Bluetooth Card Reader

Scanning isn’t the only way to use our app in person. You can also sell tickets using the same Passage Manager app. You can select the card reader you’d like in our online store and have it shipped right to your haunt.

Still Have Questions?

For any other questions you may have about using the Passage Manager app, here’s a collection of guides we’ve created for you.

Not Already Using HauntPay as Your Ticketing Platform?

As you’re choosing your ticketing provider for the upcoming haunt season consider this: haunt owners see a 14.8% increase in ticket sales when they switch to HauntPay. That’s because we’ve not only built the #1 ticketing & payments platform for haunted attractions, but we also spend tens of thousands of dollars every year driving traffic to our site.

We have more than 6 million visitors looking for haunted attractions on HauntPay. When they’re looking for haunts in your area, we send them your way. Whether your haunt is large or small, you can benefit from that additional traffic. 

Not only that, but we spend countless hours making improvements to our already incredible platform to offer you all the features you need to have the most harrowing and thriving haunt possible.

Schedule a demo today to see how HauntPay can help your haunted attraction reach more fans and sell more tickets.