7 Canadian Haunts to Visit in 2022

There are plenty of frighteningly fun reasons to head north this Halloween season. Travel restrictions have loosened, and the U.S. dollar has a favorable conversion rate so your money will go further in Canada

Whether you’re looking for family-friendly frights or a fully-immersive, gruesome adventure, you’ll find the scares you’re looking for among the wide variety of haunted attractions that stretch across Canada. Check out these 7 haunted attractions to visit in Canada this Halloween. 


haunted calgary

1. Haunted Calgary

The dark forces of a macabre fog ensnare your ankles, gripping you and entwining you in the eternal history of this place’s dark lore. Haunted Calgary is a cursed place, damned to bring ill fortune to all who wander on to its sour land. 

The house throbs with the layered memories of centuries of horrors, each occupant or tresspasser doomed to terror. Those who dare to cross the threshold will find themselves trapped in a house with ghostly whispers and demons stalking them.

In its 31st year, Haunted Calgary donates a portion of its proceeds to a variety of charitable organizations ranging from ARTS Senior Animal Rescue to Calgary Alpha House Society. 


  • New Horizon Mall, Underground Parkade Level
  • 260300 Writing Creek Cres Calgary
  • Balzac, AB T4A 0X8
  • 587-333-4427

Ticket Prices

  • $25 General Admission 
  • $35 Fast Pass 
  • $100 RIP Superpass (includes 1 fast pass admission for Full Scare + 1 fast pass admission for Low Scare + 1 fast pass admission for Glowstick Night + 1 game entry for Hell Night + 1 Haunted Calgary t-shirt)


six pines

2. Six Pines Haunted Attraction 

The Barn of Doom is unlike any other barn. It was rebuilt in 1911 replacing the original barn that was torn down in 1901 after two children were brutally murdered by a group of escaped inmates.

This grisly setting is where you’ll find Manitoba’s top haunted attraction for the past 24 years. Six Pines is never the same experience twice. The haunt changes themes yearly – so even if you’ve visited them in the past you’ll find a completely new set of scares this year. 

For the 2022 season, their infamous Barn of Doom has been transformed into Saw’s Revenge, bringing lifelike scenes to terrify and shock you. Make your way through three additional attractions, all with completely new themes and designs: Haunted Manor, the Fallout, and Clown Town. Watch out for Chewy and Barber Chop – they have a tendency to get a little snippy

Looking for something more family-friendly? Their Daytime Ghoul Flashlight tour is perfect for families with kids aged 5 and older. 


  • Six Pines Haunted Attractions
  • 4 km North Perimeter Hwy on Sturgeon Road
  • Winnipeg, MB R3C 2E6
  • 204-633-3326

Ticket Prices

  • $45.00 Weekend Fear Pass (includes general admission to each haunted house and the Nightmare Zone photo area)
  • $40.00 Weekday Fear Pass
  • $60.00 VIP Fast Fear Pass 
  • $20.00 Daytime Ghoul Flashlight Tour
  • $225.00 Season Pass 

3. Terror on 12 

This is where the nightmare begins. 

Expect the unexpected when you enter Terror on 12. This interactive haunted adventure is a full sensory assault that will leave you shivering with fear. Prepare yourself for an unforgettably hair-raising experience. 

It’s time to put your courage to the test: can you make it through the unspeakable horrors that await you as you attempt to make your way across the haunted estate? Encounter unexpected twists and turns as you dodge a terrifying cast of blood-thirsty monsters. 

Should you make it out alive, cozy warm beverages and food are available to revive your mortal remains.

For those who don’t wish to shake with anticipation while waiting to enter the haunt, the Holding Cell offers guaranteed entry into the haunt during your selected 30-minute time window.


  • Terror On 12
  • 58086 Highway #12
  • Anola, MB R0E 0A0
  • (204) 371-8228

Ticket Prices

  • $35.00 General Admission
  • $45.00 Holding Cell


fields of fear

4. Blezard Valley Fields of Fear 

Nestled between innocent fields of strawberries, corn, and potatoes lurks three gruesome horror harvests. Robby Lavoie and his ghoulish gang of mad horror minions have wracked their demented minds to create another signature trauma-inducing event.

Start at the Carrefour Carnival, where whiffs of cotton candy tantalize, swirling coloured lights dance in your eyes. But the crowds of clowns are nothing but devils in disguise. As the maniacal carny throws the Ferris Wheel switch into high gear, sounds of good cheer turn to screams of… fear? 

Then, rest your tired bones by checking into The Hostel, run by a sadistic serial killer with a penchant for rusty old surgical equipment and pitchforks. 

Are you afraid of the dark? Gaston’s Graves will put your courage to the test. Can you escape the corpse-thirsty curse of the flesh-eating Bone Boilers? 


  • Carrefour Sen Rheal Belisle
  • 2777 Main St.
  • Blezard Valley, ON P0M1E0
  • 705-918-2601

Ticket Prices

  • $13 for one attraction
  • $26 for two attractions
  • $33 for all three


5. Severn Slaughterhouse 2022

Hair-raising screams fill the air as you approach the once-sleepy fairgrounds that are now the site of a horrifying slaughterhouse. The animals led to slaughter will have their revenge on the innocent factory workers….and anyone else who dares to enter.

The Severn Slaughterhouse is a new haunted attraction created by Northern Screams Attractions. This creepily creative terror team is known for their intense scares, so brace yourself as you prepare to for an adrenaline rush like no other. Your experience includes a walk through the haunted trail, located in the woods on the edge of the fairgrounds. 

If you survive, calm your nerves with the fun carnival games on the midway. 

Looking for a more family-friendly experience? Visit on Thursdays between 7-7:30 p.m. for a less terrifying adventure. 


  • ODAS Park
  • 4500 Fairgrounds Road
  • Severn, ON L3V 0Y2
  • 705-325-0353

Ticket Prices

  • $15 General Admission 


6. Scarehouse Windsor 

The Carn-Evil is in town. New for 2022, it looks like the clowns are having fun in this house, but the ring leader has disappeared. Who does that leave in charge? Perhaps the wolf-boy or the bearded lady? It’s a free-for-all, and you’ll encounter things you thought existed only in your nightmares. 

Don’t miss Scarehouse Windsor’s legendary classic, Scared Evil, which thrusts you into the middle of a crime-sanctioned night known as The Release. Then, test your nerves inside Haunted Darkness, a terrifying lights-out experience, and the post-apocalyptic Zombie Maze, packed with “biters and spitters.” Scarehouse Windsor is the only “stay dry” indoor haunted attraction in the region, so you can visit any day without worrying about the weather. 

Want to take your experience to the next level? Make reservations for one of Scarehouse Windsor’s immersive dinners, each with a unique theme and a tantalizing gore-met menu. The 90 minute VIP private themed dining experience will immerse you in stories like Cabin in the Woods and Mad as a Hatter. Savor a multi-course meal and then venture through all four attractions with VIP entry. 


  • Scarehouse Windsor 
  • 1441 McDougal Ave
  • Windsor, ON N9A 1H8
  • 519-981-EVIL (3845)

Ticket Prices

  • $35.00 Monster Package – entry to all four attractions
  • $30.00 Fright Package – Scared Evil + two add-on attractions
  • $40.00 Fast Pass – access the haunt via a fast-pass line
  • $45.00 Next in Line (Thursday & Sunday) – immediate access to the haunt
  • $50.00 Next in Line (Friday & Saturday)

Immersive Dinner Tickets


night of terror

7. Nuit de Terreur d’Escaparium / Escaparium’s Night of Terror 

Brace yourself, your nightmares are about to come to life. An impressive cast of monsters welcome you to the tormented dreams of a young girl named Lily. Lily’s nights have been getting darker and darker as the shadows dance upon the walls of the small room of the orphanage in which she sleeps. 

Night of Terror is the largest haunt in Quebec, with more than 15,000 square feet of terror. One of the most horrific and immersive haunts in the region, you can be sure that this night will be nothing like any other. 

All that screaming can work up an appetite, so you may want to book Night of Terror’s unique Thematic Dinner package. The perfectly themed menu  includes dreadfully delicious delicacies like a beating heart salad, and your choice of entrees & desserts such as beer braised lamb shank or pumpkin creme brulee. 


  • Maison Hantée – Nuit de Terreur
  • 5545 B boul. des Rossignols Laval
  • Laval, QC H7L5S7
  • (514) 548-2028

Ticket Prices

  • $39.99 General Admission
  • $49.99 VIP (skip the line)
  • $129.99 Thematic Dinner and VIP Haunt Access

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a spooky night out this Halloween season, consider one of these Canadian haunts to terrify and delight your senses. Looking for a haunted attraction in your area? We have thousands of spooky events & attractions on HauntPay. Click the button below to find one near you.