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9 Haunt Owner Myths and the Reality Behind Them

What is it like to be a haunt owner? What does a haunt owner do? Do haunt owners join in on the scares?

Doubtless you get questions like these all the time. There are plenty of haunted house myths surrounding what it’s like to be a haunt owner, but what’s the reality?

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Myth #1: It’s Just a Seasonal Fling

Reality: It’s a Year-Round Obsession

Haunted attractions may only open their doors for a few months, but haunt owners live, breathe, and dream of their haunts all year long. Even when the fog machines are turned off, you’re brainstorming new ideas, attending industry events, and perfecting your craft. It’s a year-round obsession that never fades.

Myth #2: It’s All About the Jump Scares

Reality: Haunt Owners are Storytellers

Haunted attractions are more than just chainsaws and zombies. You are a modern-day storyteller, weaving intricate narratives that envelop visitors in a macabre world. You work to craft detailed backstories for each character and scene, turning your attractions into immersive horror experiences..

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Myth #3: It’s Easy to Scare People

Reality: It’s an Art Form

Scaring people is an art, and haunt owners are the artists. Achieving the perfect scare takes careful planning, timing, and creativity. It’s not about simply jumping out and yelling “boo.” It’s about orchestrating an eerie symphony of sights, sounds, and surprises that will haunt visitors long after they’ve left.

Myth #4: It’s All About the Profits

Reality: Haunting is a Labor of Love

While haunt owners certainly aim to turn a profit, their passion for the craft often drives them more than financial gain. You pour your heart, soul, and savings into your attractions because you love what you do. It’s not just a business; it’s a labor of love that’s deeply rooted in your soul.

Myth #5: It’s All Glitz and Glamor

Reality: It’s Blood, Sweat, and Guts

Haunt owners aren’t lounging in velvet-lined crypts, sipping on pumpkin spice lattes. You’re knee-deep in blood (fake, of course) and guts (also fake, thankfully). The work is physically demanding, from setting up the sets to maintaining them throughout the season. It’s a gritty, hands-on job that often involves late nights and early mornings.

Myth #6: Haunt Owners Outgrow Fear

Reality: They’re Just Desensitized to Most Scares

Contrary to popular belief, haunt owners don’t lose their love for being scared; it’s just much harder to spook them. Spending countless hours in haunted attractions means you’re accustomed to loud noises, unexpected jump scares, and gore. You know how haunts are typically set up so you’re good at predicting what will happen next and pleasantly surprised when you can’t. 

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Myth #7: Haunt Owners Only Hire Professional Scare Actors

Reality: Friends, Family, and Volunteers are the Real MVP’s

While some haunt owners do employ professional actors, many rely on a dedicated army of friends, family members, and volunteers to bring their nightmares to life. These passionate individuals often put in countless hours perfecting their roles and are paid in screams and delightful terror.

Myth #8: Haunt Owners have no Social Lives

Reality: They party… After Halloween

The myth that haunt owners are too busy for social lives is just that—a myth. You enjoy downtime like anyone else, but it often falls outside the Halloween season. November is your time to catch up with friends, finally take vacations, and recover from the frightful frenzy.

Myth #9: Haunt Owners Love Horror 24/7

Reality: They have Varied Interests

While haunt owners have a deep appreciation for horror, they also have diverse interests. You might be into cooking, gardening, or even crochet. Being well-rounded individuals helps you bring unique creativity to your attractions. But you do love a bit of horror here and there (or everywhere).

Myths – Debunked

While it’s not all coffins and cobwebs, the dedication, creativity, and passion that you bring to your ghoulish creations are truly something to admire. So, here’s to you, haunt owners, for turning our darkest fears into unforgettable experiences. Keep on haunting and bringing nightmares to life.

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