10 Creative & Inexpensive Ideas For Your Home Haunt

Coming up with spooky, yet inexpensive ideas for your home haunt can be tough (especially when it gets down to Halloween crunch time). These do-it-yourself props and techniques are simple solutions that yield thrilling results. Use these ten ideas to get your creepy and creative gears turning!

1. Cover Props In Brutal Rust

This paint is easy to apply and produces amazing results! Order some rust here: http://brutalrust.com/


2. Utilize Mason Jars

These jars are cheap, versatile, and fun to decorate with!

Jar 1

Jar 3 mason-jar-mummy-votives_thumb

3. Keep Your Brains Safe With Zombie Windows

This one’s a little more involved, but well worth it! For step by step instructions on this work of art, visit this blog by Dave Lowe.


4. Tear, Burn, & Tatter Your Paper

Find the techniques to achieve this cool, faded look here.

burned paper paper display

5. Keep Things Safe With Skeleton Solar Lights

These lights are energy efficient, safe, and kid friendly. This idea came from Dishfunctional Designs; be sure to check out more of their innovative repurposed art!


6. Get Your Blood Fix With Vampire Lollipops

This recipe is easy and affordable. There’s only four ingredients, and this blog clearly explains each step to craft these bloody treats!

blood lollipops 2

7. Get Some Ghostly Friends

Make your own ghosts out of chicken wire. Then, spray paint them with glow in the dark paint. Do it yourself with the help of this article or this tutorial.

chicken wire ghostchicken wire ghost dress

8. Mystify Your Walkway

Here’s a quick way to keep your entrance exciting! Boo-It-Yourself outlines this simple process in terms even a zombie could understand.


9. Bloody Up Your Windows

These bloody handprint window clings are inexpensive and reusable. They’re also a fun craft to do with your kids. Find the step by step instructions here.


10. Unleash Your Inner Witch

Find the necessary supplies in your backyard to create your very own brooms. Find more ways to make your porch a little more thrilling here.


If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, get some extra help from resources like HaunTopic.com. The HaunTopic team has produced tons of helpful tutorials, podcasts, and more to support haunters with any issues they might come across.

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