Facebook Groups for Haunters

5 MORE Facebook Groups Every Haunter Needs to Join

How do you stay connected with your haunt friends during the off season? If you’re still trying to track down a headless horseman to deliver your messages, you may just be out of luck. In comes social media: a great tool to not only keep up with what’s new in the industry, but also to network with others. 

There are more than 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook, with 10 million unique Facebook groups that you can join to connect with others who share similar interests. But with hundreds of haunt groups circling out there online, it can be hard to find ones that are worth your time by fostering positive communities with top-quality discussions. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and added five more groups that you should join before haunt season to find inspiration, troubleshoot problems, and form meaningful connections with others.

1. The Haunters Connection – 4k+ members

Get a taste for all things Halloween and haunted attractions by joining The Haunters Connection. While we all love to keep things sinister and twisted, sometimes you need to mix in a little dark humor to lighten up the mood. Along with posting content on props and doing giveaways, this group regularly posts funny memes that everyone in the industry is able to relate to. If you’re looking to connect with members of the community on a more personable level and over a shared love of all things horror, then this Facebook group is the one to join.

Screen shot of "The Haunters Connection" Facebook group header.

2. Hauntworld Fright Forum – 3.7k+ members

Hauntworld Fright Forum is overflowing with unique horror content to get you inspired as you prepare for the upcoming haunt season. Find out how you can make the most terrifying props and get video tours of other haunts and trade shows. Additionally, you can also jump into discussions about hot topics within the industry and even view interviews with other haunt owners. You’ll never run out of ideas and new ways you can transform your haunt. 

Screen shot of "Hauntworld Fright Form" Facebook group header.

3. Haunted Attraction Industry – 6.5k+ members

Haunted Attraction Industry is a space for industry professionals of all skill levels to share ideas for their haunts. This community often has discussions about how you can get started with creating your own haunted attraction. Get real-time walkthroughs and behind the scenes photos of haunts that you wouldn’t be able to get access to otherwise. When joining this Facebook group, note that it is primarily focused on education and spreading knowledge about the industry, not for buying and selling. 

Screen shot of "Haunted Attraction Industry" Facebook group header.

4. Haunted House Prop Swap – 3.8k+ members

Have haunt props for sale? Looking for a particular item? Haunted House Prop Swap is the place to buy and sell both props and costumes on Facebook groups. What’s unique about this group is that it also encourages members of the industry to swap props with each other, further helping the industry grow and acting as a starting place to let owners build up their inventory. These are top notch products that you’ll be able to score at reasonable prices. Find all of the gorey oddities needed to elevate your haunt to the next level. 

Screen shot of "Haunted House Prop Swap" Facebook group header.

5. Haunt Insiders – 4k+ members

If you’re looking to get an exclusive peek into the inner workings of the haunt industry, look no further than Haunt Insiders. This Facebook group has it all: vendor spotlights, prop reviews, unboxings, trade show tips, podcasts, and even more resources for haunt owners. What more could you want? Get ready to feast on all of the knowledge you’ll need to create truly terrific experiences for your guests. 

Screen shot of "Haunt Insiders" Facebook group header.

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