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14 DIY Haunted House Props you Can Make on a Budget

Are you looking to conserve your budget with some homemade haunted house props that still send a chill down your guests’ spine? We’ve got you covered with some truly terrifying DIY haunted house prop ideas that are both budget-friendly and customizable. Check out our top 14 prop ideas for a haunted house and the materials you’ll need to make them. 

1. Flickering Candles

Materials: battery-operated candles, black spray paint, hot glue

Instructions: spray paint the candles black, then use hot glue to create dripping wax effects. Watch a full instructional video.

2. Severed Heads

Materials: foam wig heads, latex paint, acrylic paint, fake blood

Instructions: paint the foam wig heads with latex and acrylic paint to create a realistic-looking face. Add fake blood for a more gruesome effect. Watch a full instructional video.

gravestones in a cemetary

3. Tombstones

Materials: styrofoam sheets, black spray paint, white paint, hot glue

Instructions: cut the styrofoam into tombstone shapes, spray paint black, then use white paint and hot glue to add details. Watch a full instructional video.

4. Hanging Cages

Materials: 2 laundry baskets, glue or zip ties or black string, black spray paint, fake chains

Instructions: spray paint both laundry baskets black, glue them together (or secure with zip ties/black string), then add fake chains for a more realistic look. Watch a full instructional video.

5. Spooky Trees

Materials: PVC pipes or cylindrical cardboard, foam insulation, spray paint, hot glue/tape

Instructions: use PVC pipes or cardboard to create tree trunk shapes, then spray paint black or brown. Cover the trunk with foam insulation and use hot glue to create twisted tree branches. Watch a full instructional video.

homemade ghost prop hanging from a tree

6. Ghostly Figures

Materials: cloth, foam balls, glue, white paint, black spray paint

Instructions: cut the cloth into ghost shapes, use the foam balls to create a frame (or head), and glue the cloth over it. Paint the foam balls with white paint for the head and add black spray paint for a haunting look. Insert a wire into the foam ball to hang, or add thin supports like legs to set it on the ground or table. Watch a full instructional video.

7. Monster Eyes

Materials: ping pong balls, glow-in-the-dark paint, hot glue, red string, paint

Instructions: paint the ping pong balls with glow-in-the-dark paint, then use hot glue or red string to add veins for a realistic look. Then they can be added to a jar full of water or placed wherever they’ll be more effective. Watch a full instructional video.

8. Creepy Dolls

Materials: old dolls, fake blood, black paint

Instructions: use black paint to create a creepy, haunting look on old dolls. Add fake blood for a gruesome effect. Watch a full instructional video.

fake black spider caught in a cobweb

9. Spiders

Materials: foam balls, wire, black pool noodles, black paint, black ductape, hot glue

Instructions: insert the wire into the pool noodles and attach them together in a row, spray paint or cover the foam balls in ductape for the body, and attach the legs. Adjust the angle of the legs as desired.

Use pipe cleaners to create spider legs, paint the foam balls black, and use hot glue to attach the legs. Get the full instructions.

10. Creepy Portraits

Materials: old frames and creepy pictures 

Instructions: print out creepy images or draw them yourself and put them in old frames. You could paint the frames or give them an antique look for added effect. Watch a full instructional video.

11. Scary Silhouettes

Materials: black paper, scissors, flashlight

Instructions: cut spooky shapes out of the black paper and shine a flashlight behind them. Watch a full instructional video.

creepy voodoo doll surrounded by small lit candles

12. Heads In Jars

Materials: old jars, pictures, fake hair

Instructions: take a 180 picture of your face, add hair, tape or glue it inside a jar to create creepy decor. Watch a full instructional video.

13. Haunted Mirror

Materials: 4 picture frames, LED lights, creepy photo, glue

Instructions: place a reflective vinyl on the side of one of the glass panels, insert your haunted image behind this glass panel in the frame, then glue all the empty frames together on top of each other. Glue the LED lights to the back of the final frame and put it back in the frame. Watch a full instructional video.

14. Haunted Dollhouse

Materials: old dollhouse, paint, creepy designs 

Instructions: paint the dollhouse with creepy designs and add spooky furniture and dolls to complete the look. Watch a full instructional video.

Don’t DIY Ticketing

One thing you shouldn’t DIY is your ticketing system. Let the experts like us handle the ticketing logistics so that you can focus on getting your hands messy in the blood and gore. With a reliable ticketing system, you can streamline the ticketing process, reduce wait times, and ensure that your haunt runs smoothly. Trust the experts and enjoy the spooky season.

No matter what theme your haunted attraction chooses, these DIY haunted house props are sure to be a hit and a cost-effective way to decorate your haunt. If you’re looking for more resources for building your haunt on a budget, give this blog a read: Building a Haunted House on a Budget: 5 Tips for Successful Scaring.

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